Project Impact 

       Electronics Industry Development Project (EIDP) manpower development component   (also known as Project IMPACT) was implemented by Deptt. of Electronics (now Ministry of Information Technology), Govt. of India in 12 polytechnics and 14 Engg. Colleges in the country.  Govt. Polytechnic, Nilokheri is the only institute, which implemented this project successfully during June 1991 to March 1997.

(a)  Modernization & Facilities:

      Electronic equipments, computers and software amounting to approximately Rs. one crore, have been provided to the institute.  Our institute was also provided with grants towards development of infrastructure for improving lab facilities, library facilities, developing modern class room, establishment of maintenance cells etc.

(b)  Industry Attachment Programme (IAP):

      Our polytechnic was advised to take up the programme in a systematic way so as to build up industrial linkages with local industries to ensure an effective industry institute interaction.  Going by the advise Sh. M.P. Gupta, then Principal, Govt. Polytechnic, Nilokheri and Co-ordinator for curriculum revision committee constituted by D.T.E introduced compulsory element of the industrial training in the curriculum of Electronics Engg.  This has enhanced the students placement considerably.

(c)  Staff Training under Instruction Enhancement Programme (IEP):

      Under Project IMPACT, the faculty in Electronics and Computer Engg. Deptt., have undergone training at I.I.T. New Delhi and N.T.T.F. Banglore to update the latest developments.  Besides this, direct benefits in terms of improved subject expertise and better teaching, our institute have been also benefited in the following ways:

  • The faculty is more confident in handling the subject matte as well labs.

  • Organisation of the labs have improved.

  • The faculty has updated their knowledge and skill.

(d)  Learning Materials (LMs):

      The learning materials for the different courses, being taught at polytechnics, were got prepared by Deptt. of Electronics and were circulated to all participating institutes.  These learning materials have been found very useful to the students and teachers.

(e)  Establishment of the Self Maintenance Cell (SMC):

      This polytechnic has established as Self Maintenance Cell in Electronics to take care of repair and maintenance of the equipments supplied under Project.

(f)        Improvements in Learning Environments:

(i).      Library:  A separate library has been established under Project IMPACT in Electronics Engg. Deptt.  The library has 3500 books/learning materials.  The books are issued to the students as well as staff.

(ii).    Laboratory:   All the laboratories of Electronics Engg. Deptt. have been modernized under this scheme.  The improved labs facilities have substantially reduced the batch size per experiment thus giving better hands on experience to the students.  New labs experiments have been introduced based on the latest equipments.


The Institute is participate in following projects

i)                    TEQIP

ii)                  Earth Quake Program of MHRD

iii)                MODROB of AICTE